-“HPI” Series Cylinders provide the greatest force per dollar invested.

-Available in 1 to 200 ton sizes, with total stroke lengths up to 16.00” and up to 2.00” power stroke lengths.

-Operates on 30-100PSI shop air

-Fill couplings and high-pressure Gage couplings standard

-Variety of mounting styles

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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-“HPS” Series satellite cylinders permit the working cylinder to be located up to 10′ from the booster/reservoir section, providing a flexible design alternative where space may be restricted

-Available in 1 to 200 ton sizes

-Hydraulic hose assembly (1′-10′) with dry-break style disconnects

-Multiple working cylinders can be operated with a single booster unit

-Available with total stroke lengths up to 24.00” and 4.00” power stroke

-Fill couplings and high pressure Gage couplings standard

-Variety of mounting styles

-Limited Lifetime Warranty

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-“HPT” Series tandem cylinders provide a compact package where space is limited

-Available in 1 to 30 ton sizes

Available with total strokes up to 10.00” and 2.00” power stroke

-Operates on 30-100 PSI shop air

-2 valve operation

-Limited Lifetime Warranty

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HyperCyl Compact Satellite (HPX) Unit. Self-contained system without the need for external reservoirs. Fast-approach then high-pressure stroke perm… Read More


The “HZ” Series High Speed cylinder is a totally self-contained, cost-effective power source ideally suited for Piercing, riveting, notching, clamp… Read More


The “HZS” is ideal for use in piercing, riveting, notching, clamping, marking, coining, and assembly applications where short-stroke, high speed, h… Read More


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HyperCyl EMA (Electric Actuators)

Robust Servo Driven Actuators

HyperCyl-EMA (electro-mechanical actuator) is a robust, servo driven actuator designed for precision assembl… Read More

Lube Trays

Seamlessly lubricate your industrial bushing PRIOR to insertion without the Mess, cleanup and inconvenience of other lubrication methods.

-Includes 24 VDC motor with Gear reducer, Present sensors, mounting brackets
-All Bushing sizes above 1.50″ Diameter acceptable

HyperPress® Products

C-Frame Press

HyperCyl C-Frame (gap frame) design presses are primarily used for assembly and forming applications requiring an open front for ease of part loadi… Read More

CGB Low Profile Press

The CGB is a compact, high-performance press. Available in 2 to 30 tons, this bench-top design offers outstanding force and performance in a footpr… Read More

H-Frame Press

HyperCyl H-Frame design presses are primarily used for assembly and forming applications requiring a pass-through design for ease of part loading a… Read More

HyperPierce® Products


The HyperPierce series units are ideal for:
Metal and composite Piercing, Riviting, Marking, Clinching, Staking and Assembly applications where hi… Read More