Gallery - HyperCyl

Automotive Manufacturing Press Build

A very pleased Automotive Manufacturing HyperCyl Customer recently received their delivery of presses from Aries Engineering. These 4-Post Guided 40-Ton H-Frames included the HPI series cylinder + Load Cell to produce 80,000 Lbs. of output force using only 100 PSI input air and verify said output force using the Load Cell.

Custom Build – 2022

HyperCyl is pleased to work with Michigan Custom Machines in the production of this custom press for an automotive manufacturing customer.

Custom Cylinder- 2022

HyperCyl strives to help each customer meet their specific application needs, including customization. Below is a HyperCyl HPS Cylinder in a custom orange color that was color matched to the customer’s logo specifications. Special oil was also used in this application for food-grade purposes. This cylinder is integrated within a customized cell purpose-built for dispensing cartridges. The HyperCyl cylinder installs (100) caps simultaneously onto cartridges with a controllable force and up to (1800) parts per hour capacity.

HyperCyl in the Community

HyperCyl by Aries Engineering is proud to be a sponsor of numerous community events, activities and teams. Some include, but are not limited to: Ethan Stadniczuk Racing, the Bedford Athletics’ Farm Division Champion Baseball Team, the HyperCyl by Aries Engineering Annual Golf League and more. Included here are some pictures from the current 2022 season.