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The HyperPierce series units are ideal for:
Metal and composite Piercing, Riveting, Marking, Clinching, Staking and Assembly applications where high-speed, high-force operation is desirable.

Operation: Equalizing units extend both ram and anvil to the work piece, reverse equalizing extends the anvil to the work piece, non-equalizing units extend the ram to the work piece prior to the power stroke (high force) cycle. Units include: oil refilling and high-pressure gage couplings, low-oil indicator and installation/service manual.

Controls: (2) 3-position, 4-way pneumatic directional control valves. An air regulator may also be added to control the output force.

Installation: The HyperPierce series units can be installed in any orientation with (4) or (6) SHCS. Location pin and key-ways are provided.

Accessories: non-rotating rod, pressure switches, integral linear transducer and load cell sensors. Custom Units: In addition to the standard units shown in this catalog, AEC can build custom HyperPierce units to customer application specifications.

  • Equalizing, Dual-Equalizing, Reverse-Equalizing and Non-Equalizing Designs
  • 2-30 Ton Size Range
  • Linear Output Force
  • Operation in any position
  • Compact
  • 3 year warranty