HyperCyl© Applications

Solutions utilizing HyperCyl products.

Find the below list of how HyperCyl© can be applied to your business.

HyperCyl Applications

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Bearing Insertion Specialists

Need To Press A Bearing?

Aries custom cylinders and presses can reduce nonconforming parts by nearly twothirds, eliminating the need for expensive QC and labor costs, greatly increase your bottomline.

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Reducing Monthly Electricity Costs

In The Market To Cut Your Monthly Expenditures?

The ability to apply force the entire length of the stroke makes HyperCyl-EMA widely suitable for use with many applications.

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Bushing and Steering Linkage Insertion Cell

Seek out the HyperPress and HyperPierce Units

Completing this operation with multiple insertions at once decreased customer costs by combining three processes into one, thus reducing labor costs and multiple stations to perform the job.

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I-Beam Custom Shear Cell

Experience a custom H-Frame with built-in flexibility

Aries custom H-Frame reduced customer nonconforming parts by nearly three quarters, reducing the need for expensive labor and wasteful parts which greatly increased the customer's bottom line.

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Dual Jacket Pierce/Extrude Machine

Give Aries your requirements and we'll do the work

Due to previous quality issues with an outdated design, Aries was asked to design and engineer this pierce press inline with customer requirements while keeping part deformation to a minimum.

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Custom C-Frame Machine Base Shear Press

Combine 2 or 3 processes in 1

Completing this press decreased customer costs by combining two processes into one.

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04-CGB Frame with 4 Ton Inline Hypercyl

Familiarize yourself with the CGB press the smallest press we offer

CGB design presses have been used in an array of production applications ranging from riveting on the assembly line to stamping part numbers on a custom automated numbering machine.

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Custom 1 Ton H-Frame with 1 Ton Inline

IntelliCyl™ offers force/distance monitoring

Hypercyl H-Frame presses are primarily used for assembly and forming applications requiring a passthrough design for ease of part loading and unloading.

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