The HPI, HPS and HPT HyperCyl® cylinders require two (2) pneumatic 4-way directional control valves and a plant air supply for proper operation. The HZ series HyperCyl® cylinder requires only one (1) pneumatic 2-way directional control valve.

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Figure 1. Cylinder Retracted

Air is directed to ports B1 and B2, fully retracting the reservoir, working, and high pressure pistons.

Cylinder Retracted

Figure 2. Approach Stroke

Regulated air is directed to port A1. The reservoir piston advances, displacing the reservoir oil through the valve block (yellow area) to the back of the working piston, advancing the cylinder rod (at low force) until meeting resistance (work surface).

Approach Stroke

Figure 3. Power Stroke

Regulated air pressure is applied to port A2. High pressure piston and rod advance until contacting the valve block seal, isolating the reservoir oil from the oil contained in the working section. Continued movement intensifies and displaces the trapped oil, developing power stroke. Step 1 returns all three pistons and oil to the retracted position.

Power Stroke