Servo Actuators

What Is a Servo Actuator?

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Actuators are designed to convert energy from different sources, such as electric currents, pneumatic pressure, or hydraulic fluid pressure, into motion. There are three main types of actuators: pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, and servo actuators. Servo actuators use feedback signals to move or control mechanical systems in a highly efficient and safe manner. This is […]

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HPT series HyperCyl air cylinder on white background

Why Use Air Over Oil Cylinders?

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Air over oil cylinders are pneumatic cylinders designed to produce greater force than standard pneumatic cylinders of the same bore size. They incorporate both oil and air within the mechanism, creating a hybrid pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder that intensifies the amount of force generated by compressed air input. HyperCyl takes the innovative design of hybrid air over […]


Hydra Pneumatic Cylinder

A Guide to Pneumatic Cylinder Installation

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Pneumatic cylinders are mechanical components that provide linear force to various devices and systems. They generate the force by applying compressed air to one side of a sealed barrel and exhausting it from the other side. This action causes the piston/rod assembly contained inside to extend or retract. It is important to install pneumatic cylinders […]

C-Frame Press

The Different Types of Industrial Press Systems

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An industrial press — more commonly called a machine press — can perform a broad range of tasks that require the application of pressure to form and shape metal. In addition to forming, industrial presses can accommodate tooling for cutting, assembly, and more. Presses are available in many different sizes and may use various energy […]

Pneumo-Hydraulic Cylinder

Everything You Need to Know About Hydra-Pneumatic Cylinders

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Hydra-pneumatic cylinders—commonly referred to in the industry as hydro-pneumatic cylinders, air-over-oil cylinders, or intensifier cylinders—are pneumatically controlled cylinders engineered to generate higher hydraulic pressures to achieve a greater stroke force than can be attained by solely pneumatic cylinders of the same bore size. For example, a 5-inch bore pneumatic cylinder can output less than 1 […]