The IntelliCyl is the successful combination of HyperCyl’s hydra-pneumatic cylinder systems and state of the art electronic technology. IntelliCyl was designed for applications where continuous monitoring of materials and processes is critical to the successful assembly of components. IntelliCyl consists of two options:

1) Low voltage Linear transducer (LVLT)
2) Fully integrated Load Cell installed on the end of the cylinder rod.

Both devices provide for an analog feedback signal through an analog card to the PLC. The feedback signals indicate distance (cylinder travel) to +-.001″ and force(lbs.) applied to the tooling. The ability to monitor cylinder and tooling travel and force during the assembly process allows for:

-Quality Improvement through in-process verification
-IntelliCyl, HyperView-Press – verify dimensional stack-ups before you do work, and monitor the assembly process while you do work.
-May eliminate costly EOL testing and destructive testing
-Drives quality into your assemblies. Drives out deviation
-Traceability – long-term data collection


  • Measure a part height (prior to assembly)
  • Confirm multi-component stack-up dimension(s)
  • Measure and confirm correct component(s) match-up
  • Confirm end of stroke (extend/retract)
  • Control distance travel during approach and power stroke cycles
  • Monitor tool wear
  • Monitor and confirm I.D./O.D. tolerance fit during assembly with known distance values
  • Continuously monitored individual component part deviation from user set benchmarks or standards
  • HPS-LT option
  • HPI-LTI option

Low Voltage Linear Transducers – Magnetostrictive technology with Auto Tuning, non-contact, wear free, Analog, Digital, SSI, Pulse, CANopen, Profibus and Quadrature output, .0001″ resolution capable, 7-pin connector/cable.

  • Resolution: 0.66A
  • Non-linearity: +/- 0.02% over full scale
  • Repeat-ability Resolution: min 2m
  • Sampling Rate
  • Operating Voltage



Strain bridge design load cell. Load cell O.D. matches drive unit ram O.D. for a compact, integrated design. Mini Brad-Harrison style four 4-pin connector. Signal conditioner is required.

  • Rated Output: 2mV/ V
  • Combined Error: 0.25% of full scale
  • Non-repeatability: 0.05%
  • Zero Balance: 1%
  • Excitation Voltage: 10VDC
  • Maximum Load: 200% of full scale (ultimate) / 150% of full scale (safe)