Flexibility, performance and cost have always been key factors in today’s expanding manufacturing marketplace.  For decades hydraulic and mechanical presses were the only options for high-speed, high-force Piercing Applications. HyperCyl Hydra-Pneumatic and HyperCyl-EMA servo based systems have emerged as viable alternatives geared towards today’s lean manufacturing processes. HyperCyl also provides a much cleaner solution without the mess, accumulators, drip pans, noise, heat, fans and overall footprint of outdated power technology.

So, what to do when you need high-speed Piercing using a fixed system or robot-mounted pierce head? Well, that depends on your needs, annual Volume requirements and how long the project will run. Other factors include the material thickness, tensile strength and length-of-cut to determine the force necessary for any given piercing project.

Outlined below we will discuss a Hydra-Pneumatic system using IntelliCyl along with a Servo system using HyperCyl-EMA and our HyperPierce equalizing units.


HyperPierce self-equalizing unit with HyperCyl-EMA Servo Technology

8-Ton Self-Equalizing ServoPierce unit (HyperCyl-EMA)
Capability: Self-Equalizing units have the benefit of moving to your part. Meaning the press itself will move around your fixed part, not the other way around. HyperPierce + HyperCyl-EMA provides exceptional control over force, speed and distance characteristics for any application. It can also tell when your tool begins to dull due to subtle increases in force over a period of time. Signature analysis, data logging, part history, trending and root cause analysis options are also available for added functionality and tracking.

Reliability/Costs: Servo technology is inherently capable and sizing them appropriately is crucial. Expected lifetime is from 3 Years to 5 Years, configured for any particular application. Long-Term Reliability coincides with maintenance schedules and upkeep of tooling. Costs can be higher than Hydraulics but the Energy efficiency achieved with low down-time, low noise pollution, ZERO environmental pollution (no oil) will ensure a quick ROI.

Speed: Up to 16.00 in/sec with an extremely high rate of repeatability. Usually requires a deceleration setting before Contact and Home to maximize screw life. Multiple move profiles and full control over the process from start to finish.

Forces: 1-10 Ton in Ball Screw configurations (BS1 & BS2) with a medium dynamic load rating; 1-25 Tons in the Roller Screw configuration with a high dynamic load rating.


HyperPierce self-equalizing unit with Hydra-Pneumatic Technology

 8-Ton Non-Equalizing unit with HyperCyl (Hydra-Pneumatic)

Capability: For basic “Fixed-Mount” pierce units, keeping things simple is sometimes best. Using only 2 pneumatic valves for operation the HyperCyl (hydra-pneumatic) cylinder greatly streamlines the startup process versus hydraulic or even servo-controlled systems. Cylinders are available in (6) design configurations. Cylinder can have the ability for Swivel Fittings (HPS and HZS systems only) for robot-mounting agility. When coupled with the IntelliCyl option, (load cell and LVLT) force distance monitoring is available.

Reliability/Costs: (MTBS) Mean time between service interval of approximately 4-5 million cycles because down time is not an option. LIFETIME warranty on all HPI – HPS – HPX – HZ –  HZS – HPT cylinders, 1-Ton through 200-Ton. Typically HyperCyl is more expensive than Pneumatic cylinders but offer the same Clean, Quiet & Self-Contained operation WITH controllable force. Less expensive than hydraulic and mechanical systems for both short & long-term investments.

Speed: Fast Approach speeds similar to that of a pneumatic cylinder (6 in/sec – 10 in/sec) and High Pressure speeds similar to that of hydraulic cylinders (1.0 in/sec – 2.0 in/sec).

Forces: 1-200 tons of output force using 30-100 PSI shop air.


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