The HPS Series design provides a very compact package where space is limited or where strokes are long. The “HPS” Series satellite cylinder is a totally self-contained and cost-effective power source while permitting the working cylinder to be located up to 10 ft. from the booster/reservoir for ease of mounting/operation. Both components may be mounted in any position or attitude. Multiple working cylinders can be operated with a single booster/reservoir unit, application dependent.

Standard designs available in sizes from 1-Ton to 200-Tons, up to 8.00″ stroke and 1.00″ power stroke. Customized stroke and power stroke lengths are available upon request with up to 28.00″ of Total Stroke and 6.00″ Power Stroke depending on application.

-Multiple mounting configurations available
-Wide selections on strokes
-Most overall options available in a given series
-Initiation of power stroke anywhere within the total stroke
-Custom strokes available
-Custom rod ends available

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