HPT Series


The “HPT” Series tandem cylinder is a totally self-contained, cost-effective power source ideally suited for a wide variety of assembly and forming applications. Available in sizes from 1 to 10 tons, up to 8.00″ stroke, and 1.00″ power stroke, the HPT Series cylinder line provides a compact package where space is limited.


-Single Component System           -LT and LTI Compatible
-More Options Than HPI Series        -Shorter Than HPI Series
-Special Strokes Available            -Special Rod Ends Available

HPT Matrix


-PAF/PAQ die set couplings
-Rod Lock Option
-Total Stroke Limiter
-Work Rod NON-Rotate
-PT/ELT Sensors
-BSPP Porting
-Gage Kits
-SW Psi. switch, analog or digital
-Fill Units, manual/automatic
-HyperCyl IntelliCyl Force/Distance Monitoring System includes:
-(LTI) Low Voltage Linear Transducer with cable
-Load Cell with cable
-SRCM Signature Analysis Controller

Modifications such as rod end styles, port locations, approach and power stroke lengths are options available upon request. Please contact your local AEC Representative for assistance. AEC reserves the right to change specifications. CAD disks (.dwg, .dxf format) are available for the full line of HyperCyl cylinders.

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