Cylinder Selection

Cylinder Selection (Air/Oil)

All HyperCyl© cylinders operate on a basis of ratios. Input air pressure (PSI) multiplied by the Working Ratio of a respective cylinder determines the cylinder Output Force. F=Input PSI x Working Ratio.

Cylinders may require refilling of the internal oil reservoir at 3-6 million cycle intervals. Actual cylinder service life may vary due to plant air supply condition and/or applications.

  • Aries Engineering Company, Inc. can provide a detailed evaluation of the forces required for your application. Please contact your local AEC Representative or AEC Technical Support for assistance.
  • Piercing/punching applications may require a stripper spring(s) if "punch-thru" is prior to the end of cylinder stroke.
  • All cylinders may be operated with non-lubricated air, however, cylinder service life reduced by 20%.


50 PSI

Fast Approach

30 PSI

High Pressure


30-100 PSI

Supply Air Pressure

40 micron filtration, lubricated

Recommended Air Preparation


Operating Temperature

18 in/second

Maximum Operating Speed

20-30 million cycles

Usable Cylinder Service Life

Flow Rates

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