Hypercyl drive units are a low cost solution to ALL your high force needs. 




HyperView-Press® Monitoring System provides the easiest to use, most  comprehensive and highest reliability   press monitoring available. With the most   consistent test results and less false failures, the HyperView-Press® will help you achieve your yield and quality objectives.

Easy Configurable Setup
The system can be set up without an external computer by using the optional touch screen monitor or with the optional mouse and keyboard. The setup is menu driven by a wizard that guides the user through the setup process. This has the benefits of allowing for fast implementation and low start-up costs. Best of all, the wizard configures the HyperView-Press® for your specific press monitoring needs in a matter of minutes unlike other press monitoring solutions that require costly on-site installation by a 3rd party.

Off -The-Shelf Solution
Sciemetric’s HyperView-Press® Press Monitoring System is a proven off -the-shelf test system that can be quickly set up by the user and automatically confi gured for your specific requirements.

Press Monitoring Best Practices
The HyperView-Press® comes out of the box with advanced algorithms designed for the simplest to the most complex press monitoring requirements. Sciemetric has embedded press monitoring “best practices” into the system based on decades of experience with press applications. During setup, the HyperView-Press® gathers information from the wizard and automatically makes modifications to the software to fit the specific customer implementation requirements. The wizard provides the best of both worlds: the deployment simplicity of an off-the-shelf solution coupled with the benefits of a custom solution tailored to your exact press monitoring requirements.

The best practices used by the HyperView-Press® include Sciemetric’s advanced signature analysis methodology. Algorithms find specific features on a press waveform and conduct advanced analysis on those key features (e.g. initial contact point, point of bottom out, point of absolute maximum force, etc.). The analysis does not rely on the waveform’s position on the result grid as the features are identifi ed dynamically and the full feature characteristics are evaluated. This technique yields increased accuracy and better repeatability than conventional methods. Conventional press monitoring systems use basic ‘postage stamp’, ‘box function’, ‘fitting window’ or ‘peak detection’ to determine quality. These older approaches collect a limited sample of data and verify that the waveform correctly enters and exits static windows on the waveform. These approaches yield unreliable results as they fail to fully analyze each waveform feature.

Advanced Limit Management
Any manufacturing test system is only as good as the limits that have been set. If limits are set too wide then a manufacturer runs the risk of shipping faulty product. If limits are too stringent then yield is compromised and manufacturing personnel lose confidence in the system. Therefore, HyperView-Press® includes Sciemetric’s proprietary Advanced Limit Management System which consists of both auto-learn and maintain functions.

The auto-learn function “suggests” optimal statistically derived limits for the press monitoring system. As manufacturing processes experience normal process variation, the limits of any press monitoring system will require maintenance to avoid creeping in to a “false fail” or “false pass” scenario. Sciemetric’s proprietary maintain function is designed to help in this process by using production statistics to continuously calculate optimal test limits and propose new limits that the user has the option of accepting.

The auto-learn and maintain functions have a very signifi cant impact on the integrity of the monitoring system and on its total cost of ownership.

Process Variability Compensation™
All production facilities are subject to normal variations in operation. These variances may be the result of slight diff erences in pallet dimensions, sub-components or fixtures. To maximize productivity it is imperative that a test system be capable of identifying and addressing normal process variability, while alerting operators of abnormal or harmful variability. The HyperView-Press® uses Process Variability Compensation™ to accommodate for inevitable process variability and minimize false rejects.

Most press monitoring systems are triggered by an absolute start. The starting point could be a PLC trigger or when the press starts. The HyperView-Press® Press analyses test results based on the initial point of contact between the ram and the part. Over time the amount of displacement required to press a part will vary.

This variability would confuse other press monitoring systems into believing that less or more displacement was required depending on the pallet dimensions. Press monitoring systems that rely on an absolute start require constant calibration. These conventional press monitoring systems tend to generate numerous false failures and manufacturing personnel lose confidence in them.

Scaleable and Flexible
The HyperView-Press® system is flexible and able to scale according to your specific requirements.

Multi-RAM Monitoring Capability*
The system scales to support from one to four rams on a single test system, providing flexibility based on your production requirements. Many competitive press monitoring systems can only monitor one or two rams. For multi-ram monitoring requirements you would need to buy multiple test systems from the competition whereas you can accomplish this with one HyperView-Press®, resulting in a lower initial capital expenditure and lower deployment costs.

The HyperView-Press® Monitoring System has advanced synchronous data collection capabilities and supports the collection of analog data for up to four rams.

* Available on select models only. Please consult specifications.

Production Ready
The HyperView-Press® is ideally suited for continuous operation in production. To ensure maximum reliability and up-time the controller is designed to NEMA 12 (IP52) standards to withstand the demands of the harshest manufacturing environments.

The HyperView-Press® test systems can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process. The system supports numerous communication and network options including direct Ethernet and most major fieldbus interfaces such as Interbus, Profibus and DeviceNet.