Hypercyl drive units are a low cost solution to ALL your high force needs. 


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All HyperCyl® cylinders operate on a basis of ratios. Input air pressure (PSI) multiplied by the Working Ratio of a respective cylinder determines the cylinder Output Force. F=Input PSI x Working Ratio.

Minimum Supply Air Pressure:
Fast Approach
High Pressure

50 PSI
30 PSI


Supply Air Pressure
Recommended Air Preparation
Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Speed
Usable Cylinder Service Life 
30-100 PSI
40 micron filtration, lubricated
18 in/second
20-30 million cycles (lubricated air)*


*Cylinders may require refilling of the internal oil reservoir at 3-6 million cycle intervals. Actual cylinder service life may vary due to plant air supply condition and/or applications.

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* Typical approach/retract break-away air pressure is 35 PSI.
(1) Air consumption values shown are based on 4.00” total stroke, .50” power stroke cylinder operating at 60 PSI. Multiply value by cycles per minute for total SCFM usage.

  • Aries Engineering Company, Inc. can provide a detailed evaluation of the forces required for your application. Please contact your local AEC Representative or AEC Technical Support for assistance.
  • Piercing/punching applications may require a stripper spring(s) if “punch-thru” is prior to the end of cylinder stroke.
  • All cylinders may be operated with non-lubricated air, however, cylinder service life reduced by 20%.